Saturday, October 13, 2012

Am I Insane?!

This is a thought I've been fighting a lot since I decided to enter the Poodle show world.  I see people say owner handlers will never be able to finish their dogs against the pros.  That finishing a dog other than black or white (Jude is blue) is doubly impossible with an owner handler. And on, and on, and on.  Then I stop and go back over those things and realize how similar they are to the doctors and people who told me my pain was all in my head, that my service dog and online friends were crutches that would forever negatively impact my life until I got rid of them, how I couldn't do what I want because of what I have and am.  It's all the same.  Different subject matter, same message. And I remember that it might take me longer, I might do things differently to accommodate my disabilities and illnesses, and I will undoubtedly encounter failure but I will get there.
When I knew I wanted to get in to the show world, I considered going with an "easier" breed. But that wasn't where my heart was.  My heart is in Poodles, especially Standards, and I love them for the challenges as well as the easy stuff.  They are my heart breed and are the best match for me and my personality and preferences.
This past weekend was Jude's first UKC show.  Friday was the United Poodle Breeds Association Poodle Specialty for which I was the trophy chairperson.  Despite me being convinced that I would make a mistake, things went of extremely well and everyone had a great time.  Jude got Best Puppy in Show and did so well!  Saturday I wasn't feeling well (I had a sinus infection) and Jude was a day short of the 6 month cut off to be able to enter the show so we spent the day enjoying time with our friends (both human and canine).  Sunday Jude was entered in both shows and got Best of Winners both days!  He did very well and I know he will continue to improve.


  1. Hi Ashley,
    I'm not sure if you've been following my adventures with Canyon, my 3 year old male golden retriever, but you're not insane.

    About 10 months ago my husband and I started showing our 3 year old male golden retriever. here in Canada, judges seem to like white coats and also tend to favour the professional handlers. but, this didn't keep us from showing and despite the odds (including the fact that Canyon is slightly smaller than most males) Canyon has achieved 5 out of the 10 points he'll need for his Canadian Championship.

    It may take us a bit longer to get Canyon's title, but like you, we are not going to listen to others. Huib likes showing Canyon, and Canyon loves showing so we'll just keep going to the shows and showing others that they are wrong.

    Not sure if you know, but I have moved my blog from Blogger and you can find it at httpp://

  2. I must ask, how do you keep Cole's hair from getting fried under his harness? My SD candidate pup will be a standard, I have no obligation to show, but its always interested me.


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