Saturday, September 1, 2012

Drug Seeker? Have You Lost Your Mind?

I mentioned in my last post that I had an emergency room visit that went very poorly.  I slipped and injured my foot and thought it may be broken.  Now, our local ER doesn't have a great reputation but I thought for something as simple as a broken foot, they would be alright.
Checking in went well, no one made a fuss about Cole beyond the usual whispered comments.  I was triaged relatively quickly and taken back to a room.  Coleman attracted a lot of attention from the nurses but they were respectful.  Eventually a nurse came in, heard my story and took me for an x-ray.
I was taken back to my room and waited for the doctor to come.  After a while, a PA walks in to go over my results.
He said that the x-ray didn't show a break as he read my information.  When I asked what the problem was, since my foot was so swollen and painful even for me, he told me I had a hurt foot (and that is verbatim).  At this point, I saw a change in his entire demeanor.  I asked what could be done and he siad nothing.  Then I asked how long it would take to heal since I had a beach trip coming up.  He said I should probably cancel and then asked if we had already paid for our stay in a very insulting manner.  I replied that we had and asked if there was at least something I could do for the pain (I was thinking ice or a brace) and then things really went down hill.  He gave a speil about how I already had good pain meds and the ER couldn't give me any better.  I told him point blank that I wasn't trying to get narcotics, I knew I already had excellent pain management medication (although it was for my CRPS nerve pain, not the foot pain I was experiencing).  He ignored me and told the nurse to give me an ibuprofen.  At this point I was so angry I could hardly speak.  The nurse brought in my discharge papers and I left.
I understad drug seekers exist.  But if this PA had taken time to look in to my medical history a little deeper, he would have realized I show none of the signs of a drug seeker.  I've had the same PM doctor for years, I have an implanted medicine pump, I have very few emergency room visits and I had a true injury.  Instead he saw a disease with the word pain in it, one of my current medications and immediately dismissed me.  I know chronic pain sufferers get this treatment all the time but it was especially hard to take when I was in so much pain that wasn't my norm.  It is baffling to me how someone who practices medicine has no problem dismissing someone within a minute.  I suppose "first, do no harm" doesn't extend to people they deem unworthy of fair and proper treatment.
Obviously there is a need for more education about chronic pain and how to identify drug seekers in loca emergency rooms.  I'm just not sure how to go about it.  I responded to the survey sent by the hospital but never got a response from them.  I'm not sure they would even listen to a chronic pain patient anyway.  I know many groups try to do education but it either isn't reaching far enough or hospitals aren't taking it seriously.

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  1. So far I have not had to come across a doctor like that, but I am sure my time will come. Sorry to hear you got treated so bad... and if you do go to the beach hope you have a good time :)


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